Just figured out "CrossFire Pro"

Man, what a dope… Just figured out why “CrossFire Pro” is showing up next to peoples names in the forums… Must be people who got in on the Pre-sale…

God, I’m so thick sometimes!! :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:

interesting. I got one of the first ones but I don’t have the fancy title lol

If your Pro purchase was made with your forum email address, you should have been automatically added to the Pro group. We have sent an email with a link to the Pro Section of the Forum to emails that were not already registered on the forum.

We are posting periodic production updates in this private group.

If this isn’t working for anyone else who bought a Pro, please email support@langmuirsystems.com and we will sort it out for you.

Maybe you just cant see that your special!

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God, I’m so thick sometimes!! :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face: Na , atleast you noticed lol. I didnt.


When and who is going to start the MY NUMBER IS BEFORE YOURS! thread? Sorry it was rather comical to read after a stressfull day at work.

I just want to see what breakout board they are using now… who’s gonna be the first to post pictures of the inside of the new contoller!

it wasn’t there earlier I swear hahah

That’s what happened. I did order with a different email address. I tried using it to sign up on the forum,but the email wasn’t going through (hotmail is weird like that sometimes), so I just used my other email. I hadn’t looked at my emails for a few days and just now clicked the link, but it says I’m trying to use someone elses invite, which makes sense since it’s from another email. I’ll contact support and see if they can add that group to this account

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