John Deere Mower Part

Yesterday, some of the guys at our RC Flying Field, working on the mower, needed a reinforcing plate made for our John Deere Riding Mower. It was made in no time at all on my Crossfire.


Hmmm, Autocad 2007… I used to have a copy of R12 that I used for about a decade or so… But, if it still works and probably doesn’t rely on an Internet connection or have annual subscription charges, it’s all good!

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Yup, my trusty 2D CAD software. I use SolidWorks 2010 for 3D :grinning:

I have 2 RC planes. a truck and a boat. All nitro.

Cool!, This is our Flying Field. I’m into Helicopters (gasoline and turbine) and Jets (electric).


Out of curiosity, how did you measure the holes? I was thinking if I ever had to make a custom part with holes or mounts, how can I measure holes on an object accurately. To transfer to CAD and not have offset hole with the cut hole.


Taught myself AutoCAD many years ago. I’m no draftsman by any means, so I usually draw a bunch of construction lines to arrive at my hole placement and erase the lines after I’m done.


Its some good fun isnt it!

Yep those were the good old days when you bought a piece of software and owned it. I bet your R12 can do just about anything a person would need to draw for the LS CFP

Probably runs pretty fast too!
A couple of years ago I was cleaning out some old hardware and found an old laptop that was actually configured for Windows 3.1! I was not only surprised that it would still boot up, but it was QUICK! Dang… might have gone even faster if I had another MB of memory in it! :rofl:


Yup R12 is pretty much all you need for Plasma stuff. I have been running 2007 since, well, 2008 :rofl:

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