Jagged/wavy edges

Just got my Pro Table assembled and started experimenting with cuts.

What would cause these kind of jagged edges. The cutbefore this one was perfectly straight so it’s not the design. It does this on occasion.

Any thoughts appreciated!

I’ve experienced that “jagged” type of edge at times until i went through and re-set/re-tightened my set screws at all of my lead screw connections… I also recommend (as most do) to add a drop or two of thread lock on each one as you go through them…

Another possibility could be consumables and or air pressure… But, I’d take a look at the set screws first…

Let us know what you find!!

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Could be moisture in your lines. Check your consumables to see it they are worn out pre-maturely.

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Is your torch dragging in the wavy areas?

Hmm, didn’t notice that it dragged on the F-Bomb.
It sure did on this cut though, to the point where it moved the sheet.
It’s 2mm and slightly warped, put that down to having grounded to a slat instead of the work piece.
What would cause it to drag apart from bad ground?

Thanks for the suggestions, will check lead screws tomorrow as well as do the paper towel trick to check for contaminated air.
Been suspecting bad air on account of really inconsistent cuts.
Then again I’m completely new to this so might be me :slight_smile:

I had wavy cuts once, it was down to the THC raising the torch to compensate for how much the plate was warping with the heat but it wasn’t as bad as you posted in your pics. Its the heat that causes the material to warp, you can try cutting faster, altering the cut operations to spread the cuts around to let areas cool down, more water in the table, putting a weight on the material (watch it wont clash) etc etc.

To put it out there, it may be utter rubbish but I had a issue with cutting thick material, loosing arc, circles not finishing as your picture. I tidied up all my cables and moved them away from the torch cable and havnt had any issues since. May be total coincidence but my last 4 cuts have been perfect, prior to that not one cut would finish.

Take a firm hold of the torch holder carriage and the other carriages and give them a wiggle, see if there is any play. I done this after my small hole cuts were oval and found the torch carriage where it attached to the bracket for the lead screw was loose.

I hope you solve it as I know how frustrating it can be, cutting and cutting to find the problem.

Is your THC working correctly and do you have the appropriate parameters in use? Are you using smart voltage or setting a nominal voltage?

I had a wavy cut once. As I looked for potential issues, the x axis lead nut mount on the back of the x-axis carriage assembly was loose allowing the torch to wobble back and forth. I hope it’s this simple for your situation.

Thanks for all the feedback! Got to say I love this forum and the general helpful vibe!

So, to reiterate after spending a couple of hours in the shop tonight.

  1. Turns out the Plasma was set to Gouging instead of cutting which explains a few things. Not too surprised as I suspected that my own lack of experience was to blame.

  2. The V-shaped bearings of the Z-assembly weren’t properly preloaded which accounts for the wavy cuts. https://youtu.be/-oeJZzzHURw

  3. At the end of the session I understood what several of you pointed out re the X-axis lead screw and nut mount. Very loose. https://youtu.be/HEl0aKIkieA

Still might have an issue with THC and possibly the X-axis. This was cut prior to point 3 was corrected so might in part explain the offness of the cut. However, it doesn’t explain why the torch was plunged into the material.

Recorded the screen of the cut so would love to har your comments as to what THC is up to around the 50 sec mark.

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I noticed you are on a very old version of THC, update to 1.09! There were many bugs in earlier versions of the firmware.

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Thanks Daniel, will do as soon as I get hold of a PC. There’s no way to update with a Mac right?

can you post

What I see as weird is drawing looks good, parts looks good and then it looks like it rescaled itself to try to finish part?

Even if plate moved the X distance should of been the same, also plate doesnt look skewd?

How did you address the v shaped bearings? Is it as simple as adjusting the hex screw for that bearing? I have the same play in the bottom which I am hoping is what is causing my wavy lines as well.

It’s quite easy, looking from the front of the torch mount the adjustment is done on the right side bearing bolts. Loosen the lock nut, turn the bolt itself with needlenose pliers till the bearings are snug. Tighten lock nut.

Hope this helps!

Air Tool Holder.nc (3.4 KB)
Much appreciated GunTruck!

program looks fine for the outside cut, I would check the setscrews on motor couplings they may be slipping, that would account for the short line

also make sure you have slack in torch cable

Let us know

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Thanks! I’ll give this a shot tonight

Thanks for the help everyone!
Updated the firmware and tightened the motor coupling setscrews which took care of my problems.
Did the airtool holder as well as a license plate bracket tonight.

Still got some dialing in to do re cut speed as I’m getting some positive bevel and high speed dross but I’ll get there.
Also a small nick at lead in.
Nothing a bit of fine tuning won’t handle I’m sure!


Great to hear :goat::beer: