Jagged edges and stuttering on inner radius

why does the cnc cut nice or kinda smooth edges on an external radius but they are jagged on internal radiuses and the machine stutters on doing them (internal radius)

I’m using fusion 360 and the design file is at the bottom of the pictures.


LOGO.nc (69.4 KB)

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It would help if you tell use which machine you have.

Also what CAD & CAM tools you’re using. Including the design file will really get you answers quickly.

Thanks TomWS I updated the text and im going to try and attach the file

@andrias you may not be able to post a file yet on the forum because you are a brand new user.

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As an alternative to a posting file you could create a public link to the file and post that address instead.

here is link on the how to do that.

Share a Public Link of your Fusion 360 Design - Fusion 360 Blog

Aluminum can be tricky to cut well.

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Hi TinWhispere, thanks for the link. I tried posting the file and it looks like it worked but I’m not sure.
the file is last under the pictures that I posted.

Is your picture above from the off cut of this project? If so you might not be aware that there is a good side and a bad side to the cut and the off cut will have the bad side so the results of the off cut are meaningless.

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Yes, it is the cut off but i can see the same pattern on the good side. in fusion 360 there is a “tolerance” option, and it refers to how smooth is the curve (I think). but what im not sure is why does this happen only on inner radiuses.
Screenshot 2023-02-01 131743

try using the smoothing option lower on the list.

Try smoothing at .004 and see how many lines of g code you end up with in comparison to your original file.

but the radii on the cut file looks clean.

Maybe a slightly slower cut speed maybe helpful.

Are you clamping directly to the material?

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yes, I’m clamping directly to the sheet. ill try what you recommend. thanks a lot I really appreciate it.