Jagged cut on a file that has worked in the past

Can anyone tell me why I get cuts like this in a file that has cut fine before.![IMG_20210405_152950|375x500](upload:/
/p9keQ4Hq37uMLTizWbvHbe6eXB2.jpeg) . I hope I uploaded the right file

no picture attached…can you try again please

Something has come lose and the torch is vibrating.

Definitely check those lead screw couplers!!!

Mechanic416 is right…
I have seen this before with other people as well as my own cuts.

if you notice it is mostly only in 1 direction…I would suspect your X axis

I would suggest you first clean all your rails and drive shafts and bearings…then add some light oil…see if that helps.

then I would actually pull your drive shafts off the table and see how smooth your gantry travels in all directions…I bet your bearings are tight …remember not all bearings have to touch…just tight enough to prevent loose and slack gantry travel.

and look closely at the lead screw couples…they can slip and cause similar pattern…


When I saw that in my cuts it was the consumables. New tip and Electrode and all was fine again. (water ingress caused the arc to go all wonky within the tip)

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