J45XC-6 Torch Consumables for RW45

I just recived my CFP and RW45 and got everything together and setup. I was not able to buy the plasma cutter and the machine at the same time so i ordered the plasma cutter through amazon. I have cut a few parts out of different materials, I havent had an issue on cold rolled steel or aluminum but i have had nothing but issues on 3/16 hot rolled steel. It will start the pilot arc but over half the time it strikes an arc it does not actually pierce the material and will throw a warning code and i have to start the cut over. Which i beleive has caused pre mature wear on the consumables and it will just straight up not pierce the material at all now. Which brings me to my next issue… I cant figure out what torch or consumables I need. I googled and checked the forums with the numbers/letters that are on the side of the torch which left me with basically zero information…

What torch do I have and can someone post a link to consumables for it??

Also, what are your opinions on the cutter striking the pilot arc and not firing the machine?

Here is photos of what torch I have, the consumables and what the cuts are looking like. Im about to scrap a $50 peice of 3/16 and I DO NOT want to do this again, I have been mother fucking this table for the last two days… I also attached my plasma settings if anyone has any suggestions, machine is set to 45 amps and 80psi of air on the internal regulator and the compressor is set to 100psi.

Thank you in advance.


I have copied George on this reply…he is the Guru of consumables…

He will be the guy to go to for this…

as for the hot rolled…it can pose problems for all kinds of people…why use it?..it is more exspenvie and problematic.

Thanks for the quick response! I have seen his name pop up on here a few times trying to figure this stuff out. I use hot rolled for thicker material. Im in San Diego and my closest local supplier is IMS, they only have cold rolled plate up to 1/8" thick. Anything thicker is hot rolled. Atleast in the materials you can just grab yourself in their showroom. I could probably have them cut me a peice of whatever thickness material im looking for out of something else but by the time I pay a cut fee, wait for them to cut it and all the BS Id be over what the hot rolled stuff cost. Alot of customers in the offroad fabrication world dont want to spend the money on 4130 so hot rolled is the next thing. Ideally id just cut everything out of chromoly but its not realistic, especially right now with metal prices. Let alone if I keep fucking up parts on this table, Ill go broke HAHA

Of course right after I make an account and post this thread I come across this, I just searched J45XC without the -6 and this consumable set popped up. Im gonna assume this is the correct consumable kit for this torch, but Ill let George or someone else chime in first that would know forsure before I order it.

That kit will NOT work with your torch. Also that kit is for a S45 and Razorweld never used a S45 torch on the 45 plasma cutter.

As far as I know there is no were to get the right consumables for that torch, Razorweld does not even sell them.

Best thing to do is change the torch to a IPT60 so you can get consumables.

You also need to grind a spot on the metal for the work/ground clamp. do not clamp it to the table or slats.

i have been fighting this same battle. did you ever find the right consumables?


Might end up being a dry hole, but these look

“prospective” as the wildcatters say. Worth checking with the seller.

Thank You for posting/. I have exactly the same problems. Torch fires but does not cut through the steel. One part worked fine then the next exact same part with exact same G-code does not fire and ruins the metal. I ordered a J$%XC- 6 from the guy recommended by Razor weld but I cannot fine consumables for this. The original torch lasted only about an hour and this one not much more. Hard to not swear and to stiil be polite after fighting these things.

That was the worst torch Razorweld ever used. Just change the torch to one that you can get consumables for. Like the PTM 60 or the X45


Beware buying from Plasmadyn. I had a major problem with them over a machine torch and they ended up cheating me out over a $100 dollars on a refund for a machine torch that would not work. I have have heard from someone else who had almost the same situation as I did with Plasmadyn

Mechanic416 is the man to see about machine torches and consumables. If you get them anywhere else you’re wasting time and money.


How do you get in touch with him ?

He’s responded to this post. Click on his name and send him a message.

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