It's on the move

My Crossfire, all nicely crated, get shipped out tomorrow. It’s on the move, making the long journey to the Caribbean. The Primeweld CUT60 is already on the way from Amazon and should be here next week. Electrical have been sorted out, water-table tank built and I’ve been practicing my Sheetcam.


Ah, but you have NOT filled out your CrossFire Owners Map location. Crossfire Owners Map How will your neighbors know that where to go for advice and assistance if you don’t update the map?

Congrats, pretty exciting, huh?

Ok I’ve added the shop to the map (not very intuitive). Yes,I’m very stoked about getting the machine.

PrimeWeld CUT60 has arrived at my Miami, FL Forwarder today, I should have it in hand by Tuesday next week. Once it’s here I’ll order a decent set of consumables for CNC from George. I do not foresee doing any hand cutting with the CUT60, Ive got the LOTOS for that chore.

Let’s see… Approx 600 miles, average speed 6 knots or so… Nah, I’ll just email.

Congrats Cletus, can’t wait to see your work!

Just decided to amend the location of the table on the shop-floor. This necessitated 30’ more 50A cable, a plug and a socket. But I feel there will be better ventilation and workflow-wise to locate near the exit doorway instead of plumb in the middle of the shop, also less obvious, maybe she’ll not notice the big, new, sparky toy? :rofl:

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