Item for auction

I am planning an item for a benefit auction. Any suggestions on an item that will bring them some money. My first thought is a fire pit. I did one for a different benefit and it sold for $750. I don’t mind making another one. I enjoy making them. Just looking to see what others have done that might be a better idea. Thank you for any suggestions.

You wouldn’t be able to do this in advance but there are lots of people that always say they are going to put a nice name and address sign on their fence but never get around to it. You could give an example and they can say what font and size.


  1. it is not “one and done”
  2. the husband/wife/partner can’t agree on what it says
  3. play phone tag to get all the information
  4. they are lukewarm about the end product
  5. expectation that you will install it

…never mind. Fire pit is sounding pretty good! Good luck with your auction, seriously!

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A bench or a bench swing might bring in some money.