It keep not move during step per unit

My mach3 when doing step per unit keep not moving barely more than 0.60 and when cutting out a design it is cutting it off the table can some explain what is happen with this. Thank you

Welcome to the forum.

You’ll need to provide more information before anyone can help you:

  1. What system do you have?
  2. Have you EVER had this working? (is it a new problem or the first time you’ve tried to use it)
  3. What drawing tool are you using?
  4. What post processor did you install?
  5. Can you edit your design file and paste the first 30 lines into a reply?
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It is a spitfire machine and it was cutting very well until this issue happen and using sheetcam, just a normal run processor and I did edit the file

I don’t know what a Spitfire machine is. Is this the brand of your Plasma Cutter? What Langmuir Systems table do you have?

Ok, can you copy the first 30 lines from your .TAP or .NC file into a reply?

Is this the machine you have?

If yes, then you should contact them for support.