Isn't it funny what you find?

When you drain your fluid and find stuff you didn’t even realize?

I’ve found awesome silhouettes/drops from stuff I’ve cut out, even bottle openers I forgot about as I’d cut 20+ at a time.

This last time I fully drained it and pulled out all my slats even

Once I got it all cleaned up, I found a Pro under my XL! To think it was there this whole time :rofl:


Use that Pro for a couple months, you might find an XR, :crossed_fingers: it’s only logical.


After seeing my friends STV Pro table, I’d skip the XR altogether!

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Some friends always, and I mean always, have better toys. You’ll need a forklift for that beauty.

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Oh for sure, he has a forklift in his shop :rofl:

Fully welded frame :drooling_face:

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I started out with the crossfire pro with titanium 45 no troubles with it for over 3 years, still use it. Moved up to the XR and it has been flawless for 2 years now, it’s a keeper…
The other brands are not issue free, I met people with higher end tables that had and have problems.