Is this to much Plasma

New to the forum, but here goes, My money is deposited and planning for the new Crossfire XR. I all ready have a older 1250 Hypertherm as a hand torch set up. I am planning to use it with the XR. And as usual I will push the torch to its limit with thicker metal.
My question is: Is it going to be to much torch for the water table pan? I have heard some on here with concerns on cutting thick plates. and the water bed. I do have plans on using a machine torch on the XR When funds become available. Should I get or make a deeper pan?

The water table on XR is 3.5" deep, so the bigger plasma wont be an issue at all. Thanks for the deposit!

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the Powers at Langmuir have spoken…so be it solved…!!!

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Welcome to the group!

Thanks, I hope to contrubute to the skunk works.

do I need a bath…again???

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