Is this file type correct for uploading the g code into FireControl?

Just received a heavy box from UPS! I’m working my way through the learning process here and am starting to notice things that I don’t think I’ve read about before. I (think) I have properly installed all of the required software in order to post from Fusion to a language that FireControl will recognize. For some reason, I thought I read somewhere the file extension needs to be .tcp or something like that??? I am looking at a couple of files I have experimented with and they have a type of “NC File.” Am I doing something wrong?

I am also trying to copy and paste a snip of what I am referring to and the paste turns out to just bel what is seen below. Any suggestions on how to correct that as well? Thank you!

OK… so the snip did paste correctly.

Yup! That’s what you want.

Hawk, thank you very much. It was a “tap” file that I was trying to think about earlier. So, is this “NC” file a “tap” file as well? I’m positive I’m missing some sort of understanding here, even if I’m doing it correctly.

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Both are G-Code files. The CAM program running the CNC machine determines which type you need - some can handle both.

My g-code files all come out as “NC” files and run just fine!! Tap and NC both work!

Thank you, James!

Thank you, Gene!