Is this compressor

will work ok with my Hypertherm 45 xp please guys?
Hobby garage use cutting different size material with my Crossfire table.

Yes it will.

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But only if you have 50 Hz mains (according to the specs). If you’re in the US it’s a no go because we use 60 Hz.

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Since it’s a UK link and priced in pounds, my guess is that it will work for him…

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@pgtips is from the UK.

But as a little side note you can definitely run a 50 HZ compressor on 60 HZ.
There’s only a motor involved. there’s no rectifier or transformer on your typical air compressor.
Basically his motor instead of running at 1,000 RPM would end up running at approximately 1200 RPM.

But you should not run 60 HZ compressor on 50 HZ.

The big difference between 50 hertz and 60 HZ comes in when you start using Transformers and rectifiers and things that either divide voltage or multiply it then you’re going to run into hard issues.

@capncrusty please don’t take it personally that I have contradicted you often lately. I’m just a little pedantic. I have taken notice that you’ve provided a lot of valuable content to this forum over the last few months and I look forward to seeing more content from you.

I have a Makita 50 HZ set of sheet metal shears that I use in the shop all the time.


Thanks all for your replies.

Yes I’m in the UK and the comp is listed as a 230v so I can’rt see any issue running it on standard single face electrics. Might be a good idea to change the plug to the blue type.

Probably a good plan it’s recommended in the instructions.

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Thanks Mr Whisperer, good spot I didn’t see that :clap:

I once watched a Sgt in the air force plug a 400Hz transformer into 60Hz wall power & let all the magic purple smoke out.