Is There a Post Processor for SolidWorks CAM?

I was hoping to use SolidWorks CAM with my new CrossFire. Can SolidWorks CAM work with FireControl? Any assistance in this would be greatly appreciated.

look for a post processor for GRBL Plasma. I don’t know if there is such a thing, but that should match up pretty well with FireControl.

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The fusion 360 processor works with Inventor because both fusion and Inventor use the Autodesk HSM engine. Autodesk HSMWorks Ultimate 2020 is a solidworks plugin I think. So that might be a rout you could go.

Thank you. I will check it out tomorrow.

I am still waiting for my crossfire Pro, but I would also like to use it with SolidWorks cam. If you, or anyone else gets a post processor to work, please post help. I am very new to CNC, but very familiar with CAD.

I’m looking for a FireControl post processor for my XR table that works with SolidWorks.

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There is nothing that is cookie cutter. I was going to develop one but found that designing in Solidworks, then importing to fusion360 for the cam was actually a fairly streamlined and straight forward process. I all but abandoned programming a Solidworks post processor because of it.

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I know this is an older topic but I wanted to check in. I am a heavy solidworks user and have recently ordered an XR table. I am not against bringing Fusion360 into the mix but would prefer to use the built in CAM for my Solidworks Pro license if anyone has done any work here.


I started to make a post processor for SolidCAM, but once I learned how to use the fusion360 cam software and updated my workflow accordingly, SolidCAM was WAY too powerful and complicated for just simple cutting IMHO. The documentation is out there, I just didn’t want to learn it/put in the time to get it done either.

I found it took me a couple hours to become proficient with fusion vs the days it would’ve taken to get up and cutting with SolidCAM. Sure it’s be nice to have a one stop shop and only work in a single suite, but it’s not too bad once you adapt.

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Right I was thinking HSMWorks Ultimate is made for Solidworks by Autodesk that the standard Fusion 360 post file will work. I use the Fusion 360 post processor for Autodesk Inventor. I think the Fusion post works with all Autodesk products. This is why I was thinking it would work for solidworks if you were running HSMworks inside solidworks.