Is there a place on this Forum to list REQUEST FOR QUOTE on parts

Hubert Craver jr 

Feb 1, 2023, 16:14 PST
I am retired (over 65) and don’t have the ability or justification to buy a Plasma System. I do have small requirements for brackets that I have Laser Burned (1) 48” x 96” plate at a time. My suppliers cost is continuously increasing and I need to have an more economical supplier. Is there any way you can give me a few names and contact information of a few customers that bought your 48” x 48” or larger systems near to NC/SC/VA or other. I live near Winston Salem, NC 27127………………………Hubert craver

what are the size of your brackets? Many of us on here have a 48x32.5 table cut can do index cuts.

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Parts are roughtly 5/16" x 9" x 16" , Can I get your phone # and location so we can talk tomorrow.

I am located in Texas. I would be happy to cut them. Dont know what shiping would be. Size is pretty manageable. I am going to send your a private message with my phone number.

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