Is there a class on f360?

I am having issues understanding all the steps to get a project cut. I am by no means dumb but this is I think over my head. Is there any classes on 360? Or even 360 and the plasma together? I work a LOT and don’t have very much time each day to watch the videos on one laptop while trying it on the other lol
Any help is greatly appreciated!

Where are you from? Might be someone close who could spend a bit of time showing you how in exchange for a beer :smile:

Or a local Makerspace where they’ve either got a class or someone who can help.

I watch on my phone and try to do it on my laptop. I feel for you it can be a PITA! I also write down the steps and try to follow the written instructions. YouTube has lots of tutorials. This guy is pretty good and has lots of tutorials. Hope this helps…


Have you watched the Langmuir instructional video series? It’s pretty good

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Altoona pa
near state college

If you get down to York I can at least show how to make a bottle opener and cur it :slight_smile: been making a lot of those with names or initials for Christmas


Small world. I used to have a client in York. Nice of you to offer to show a fellow Crosfire-er a live demo.

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I’m about 3 hrs away. Its a learning curve for sure. I was able to get my first cuts done simply by watching the langmuir vids. I do have alot of vector art background so learning how to create a part then a the toolpath wasn’t too hard. But I’m still learning and there are tons of little things videos overlook.
1.Can you tell us how far you have gotten?
2. Can you get artwork into 360 atleast?
3.can you get into Cam mode and understand any of that?
It can be frustrating but be patient and chip away at learning even a little here and there. I made sticky notes of the process from the videos and put them on my cpu monitor. I’v now done so many programs I don’t need all the steps in front of me, but it surely helps early on.

There are a couple of Makerspaces in State College. Just Google “Makerspace State College PA”. Might have some classes in F360 or someone who can sit down with you.

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I finally got it towork semi correctly. But then some slag or something got onto the tip and messed it up. I think I am going without the water table. Seems way too messy and splashes water all over.
I am ordering new tips and trying again lol