Is my compressor sufficient for RW45?

So I’m in the process of getting my table setup and just want to verify if my compressor I’ve had for a while will be sufficient or if I should replace it:

I’ll be running the RazorWeld 45 plasma from Langmuir

33 gallon, 150 psi, 6.4 SCFM @ 90 psi

Is this going to limit me in any way? I have the ability to get an 80 gallon, 2 stage, 175 psi, 12.6 SCFM @ 90 psi compressor for $500 used locally in case my current one isn’t enough I feel like this one would easily handle it.

Thanks can’t wait to cut

it will work…but it will run very hard and create a lot of water condensation in the tank…take my word for it…you will have to give it a break every 10 minutes of cutting time and put a fan on it…it could overheat and shorten it’s life span.

if you can afford the other one…go for it…better to have more air than not enough or failure halfway through a job

I recommend for a CNC table at least a 60 gallon 3 1/2 hp 240 volt compressor.

Hand cutting you can get by with a smaller compressor.

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Alright I appreciate the tips I’ll try to grab the other ones and use it instead

I actually made out even better. 6.5hp, 2 stage 175psi, 80 gallon and 17.4scfm @100 psi. Only $500 too

Definitely think this think can handle it.

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Yes, that should be able to handle anything in your shop that need air.

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you can run a lot of equipment at once with that baby!!!

That one will do Fine with the larger one.
I have a similar 7.5Hp 80Gallan tank works good on my Lotos Cut60D.
I killed a 30Gallon 5 HP unit on my table year before last.