Is my Air solenoid bad?

I believe i am having an air soleniod going out in my primeweld cut60.

My table has run smoothly for months with no issues, then out of the blue last week, i started getting an occasional misfire. Soon the misfires were more frequent, and now it does it almost every cut line. The air is not shutting off to the torch before it starts its next cut so it misfires. Also when i hit the switch to check my air presure on and off, the air remains on for several seconda, and i dont remember it doing that before.

I have just sent off an email to primeweld about this, but have started to wonder if there might be any settings in firecontrol or sheetcam that i could have accidentally changed.

Also, is changing out the air solenoid on the cut 60 a difficult job? Are there parts available someplace other than primeweld? I am pretty handy, but have never really played around under the cover of one of these.

Just thinking out loud while i wait for primeweld to get back to me.

I don’t know what solenoid Primeweld uses, but the Everlast ones are easy to fix. The hardest part is getting the solenoid unhooked and out of the machine.

I’ve had to open mine up and stretch out the spring inside twice in the last 2 years.

There is no setting that will cause the air to continue to flow after it’s supposed to shut off. It is almost certainly a weak spring or some debris keeping it from closing

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Thank you.
Thats kind of what i was thinking, and just wanted to make sure i wasn’t missing something.

Primeweld has already reached out to me, but with the time zone difference i didn’t call back until after they closed. I am sure they will get me sorted out pretty quick in the morning. I have had really good experience with their customer service.

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