Is mach 4 a better buy? Is it compatable?

Was getting ready to buy full version of Mach 3 when I noticed that Mach 4 hobby license is just 25$ more. Is it compatible with our system? Nothing like being the last one to buy the old program then have to buy the new one.

It is not compatible. I believe Langmuir chose Mach3 due to issues with the release quality (bugs) in Mach4.

If you search this issue on the forum, you’ll find some other posts. There may be people out there using it, or who attempted to use it. We haven’t exclusively tested it for compatibility, but to James’ point there were some issues with release and we didn’t pursue further. All our Mach tutorials are of Mach 3 as well.

I can tell you as a reseller of mach3 (and sheet cam) the new license with mach4 so far is a big pain in the ass. Especially if you want to sell your setup or move to another pc
Stick with mach3