Is IPT60 a "Standard"?

I know that there have been a number of questions related to IPT60 and consumables, etc, but, what I would like to know is if “IPT60” is a standard (defacto or de jure, it doesn’t matter) for plasma torches?
The reason I ask is that it seems like there are a ton of suppliers of consumables for “IPT60” or “PT60” torches. To me they look the same and, while I’m sure there is a huge difference in quality, the fundamental concern I have is whether these will work in MY torch.

The main reason I ask is that the mfr (Lotos) of my Plasma cutter, LTP5500D, only supplies one size consumable, 1.0, and they claim that only their consumables will work in their torch. However, they also claim that the torch is “IPT60”. Now I would love to try smaller diameter nozzles for finer detail on thin gauge metal, but I also don’t want to wreck my Plasma cutter (or void warranty for that mattter).

So, what’s the scoop? Is the Industry mature enough to produce a reliable standard and, assuming I dial back the current appropriate for smaller nozzles, will these work in my torch?

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Well here is a picture of a (real) PT/IPT 60 torch head. Does the one you have look like it? If it does then these consumables will all work. If your using the hand torch on the table then use the machine torch consumables. The LTP5500D is a 55 amp plasma cutter so you would use the 60 amp consumables to get full use of your plasma cutter as the 1.0mm is only rated at 50 amps.


So, looking at the second photo, where you compare the ‘Tecmo’ with the ‘copy’, would the ‘copy’ still use the same consumables or not?

They may or may not work well, that’s up to you.

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Thanks! It seems as if the ‘insides’ are the key. I’ll have to take mine apart and check it out. I’m planning a bunch of tweaks this weekend, so I’ll take a look then. Thanks again.

I just bought a bunch of IPT60 consumables from @mechanic416 and he was super helpful helping me figure out what I needed. Highly recommend!

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@TomWS did you find out if the IPT60 consumables will work with your Lotos torch?

I have the 5500dcnc and am wondering the same thing,

The IPT60 consumables I’ve purchased from @mechanic416 fit well and last for my needs. Bear in mind that I am not a heavy user, predominantly using 40A tips.


Awesome, thank you!