Is cutting inconsistently at times to be expected or limit of RazorWeld 45

Hi all first thanks for the feed back and the video’s people have posted they have really helped me out.

Been using the Razorweld 45 for some time now without any major issues. One nagging item is random cuts which fail for unknown reason. For example I cut 46 parts last night and 2 randomly failed to cut through the 14 GA hot rolled steel. The others just fine. Does anyone else experience this? I don’t believe it is the pierce delay as the failure is near the end of the cut. Thoughts and comments welcome as always. Setup details. 5HP compressor 90psi startup, regulated to 85 PSI to IR dryer , 3/8 feed hose 25ft to razor weld. Cross fire XR:

G0 Z0.04 (IHS Springback + Backlash)
G0 Z0.15 (Pierce Height)
G4 P0.5 (Pierce Delay)
G0 Z0.063 (Cut Height)

When my Lincoln does that it’s because my air pressure has gone too low.

not sure what the pressure was on that piece, however I understand the Razor Weld regulator is set to 45PSI and my 110 gallon compressor does not drop below 90. But let me setup a go pro to record both the cuts and the PSI on the razor weld maybe I’ll catch the issue.

Where is the work clamp attached? If it’s not to the metal workpiece, you can get unreliable results.

directly to the piece normally in a corner as I’m cutting 9 at a time.

The air pressure on the Razorweld should be 65 to 70 psi flowing. If its less then that it will need to be set higher. Also use a 3/8" air line to get the best flow.

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Yep we are in agreement there. I’m currently supplying it @ 85PSI through 3/8 hose. I’ll dial it back to 70

NO, The air from the compressor should be about 120 psi. The flow setting is the air pressure coming out of the plasma cutter to the torch when air is flowing out of the torch when cutting.

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Weren’t there some of those that had the internal pressure regulator set too low?

I don’t recall ever hearing about a PC that used less than 60 psi at the torch (maybe some of the fine cut stuff does though). I supply my Lincoln with 110 psi from the compressor and 70psi flowing from the torch.