Is axis vibration normal?

Video for reference: [Is this normal? - YouTube]

Hey all! I’ve noticed a bit of vibration coming from
One of my axes. Is this normal? It gets really bad when I get to the far side of the table. I also noticed my screw seems to wobble a bit and I think the shaking may be caused from it. I checked all my bearing and made sure everything was lubricated properly. If something needs to be fixed what would you recommend?


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I looked at the video. My first thought was a slightly bent lead screw. Next, I would be thinking bearing axis not lined up with motor/coupling axis. Disassembling the lead screw and rolling it on a flat surface may allow determining if the lead screw is bent. Or try rotating the screw on V blocks.


I would start with loosening that bearing block and then retightening. It might be worth going through the instructions on the lead nut and bearing block tightening.


I did that first part and the tightening helped. It’s better but not perfect. I lubricated the holy hell out of it and it’s better than it was. Ive just tried operate on the good side as much as possible

I would check if your lead screw bearing mounts are in there correct locations.

X and y lead bearing mounts are slightly different heights

Attached is a picture just for reference

@ds690 has a good picture showing the difference somewhere on the forum.

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