IPT80 0.6 and 0.8mm tips available

I was about to trade in my IPT80 on a IPT60 torch, to get smaller tips, when Max from Everlast told me he had 0.6 and 0.8 tips available for the IPT80 torch I have. I’m going to try them out and see how they perform. This is going to be hard to compare, because I don’t have the machine 100% dialed in and have a lot to learn on the software. Maybe somebody could shoot me a file that they know they get good quality on that are using an IPT60 torch. I have 1/8" on the table now and am getting some 16ga cold rolled.

He said he has had them for about a month now and hasn’t had time to list them on the website yet, but he does have them in stock if y’all want to order some too.

0.6mm tips are rated at 20 amps, your plasma cutter starts at 30 amp so the 0.8mm/30 amp will work


So I went to check it and it does go down to 20 amps, but I think a 62i would have been better in the lower amp range. Just like using 150 psi gauge to read 5 PSI.

I stand corrected. I was told it only went to 30 amps.

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Maybe Everlast should send you both the 62i and 82i so you can test the low-end of the machines to see if there is a difference in performance?