IPT60 Electrode

Hi gang. I’m not sure how or why, but I literally just burned up an electrode in my torch. I have a Primeweld Cut 60 with an IPT-60 torch and I was setup to cut 1/2" mild steel at 60 Amps; 30 IPM and 75psi. The cut failed almost immediately and I terminated the run. The electrode had burned back, totally destroying the tip. I attempted to remove the electrode but it was VERY tight. I only ever screw them in firmly hand tight. I was able to remove the electrode by working it back and forth with the little electrode wrench. Anyway, I messed up the electrode threads. It’s very minor but just enough to prevent me from reinstalling a new electrode. Can anyone tell me what the thread is on the electrode so that I can chase the threads with the appropriate size tap? Thanks!!

Electrodes need to be a little tighter then hand tight. 5mmX.08 thread a plug tap works best and only thread it in very lightly till it starts to bottom out. or you will damage the torch head its self. Look up in the electrode hole you will see a spring end stop there. Also use the air set to clean out anything in the head from tapping.


Thanks!! You are always very helpful!!

Well… Seems I did more than burned the tip. I now have erratic / intermittent firing. I was not aware that thicker metal, 1/2" mild steel requires a larger tip… nothing in PrimeWeld’s literature about that. Anyway, I suppose I need a new torch head. Primeweld has a kit for $99 but to be honest, I’d rather buy from you. Any suggestions?

You need to call me 302-690-6995

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This is gospel. Even using the wrench I’ve had the electrode come loose twice in just the 6 mos I’ve been using my table. For fear of damaging torch head I 've not been putting a lot of torque on them, but definitely beyond hand tight.

Thanks for the tip on what size tap to get. I am going to order one just in case.

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