Ipt 60 consumables

hello i am new here and my table is on its way. I have a primeweld cut 60 with a ipt 60 torch. my question is what consumables should i get and where from? is buying them from primweld ok? i looked at georgesplasma cuz i know alot of ppl go through him and i saw i can get drag tips or flat ones and now i dont know which ones will be better for the cnc. just looking for input. also i should stay away from amazon right?

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You wouldn’t be using drag tips on a CNC table. There are a lot of sellers on ebay and Amazon so you should be able to find what you need.

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i was looking at ur ebay page but i didnt know the best ones to buy. do i leave the metal standoff ring on?

I have a range of tips and consumables from @mechanic416 (George), he is good people!
I’ve not used anything but the standard tips / consumables yet, have not had a need to. I am VERY happy indeed.


primeweld not sells a “bundle” with electrodes, tips, caps and a few other things for around $90 but only with 1.1 tips.

what is the difference in the 1 mm and 1.1 and so on? since it is a 60 amp gun shouldnt u just have a 60 amp tip? sorry if this sounds stupid im just trying to not mess things up.

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There is a cut chart in the manual you may want to look at it.

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.8 up to 30amps
.9 up to 40amps
1.0 up to 50amps
1.1 up to 60amps

You’ll use different tips for different amps for different thickness of material.


Random question. Should the tip on the machine torch move in and out (spring loaded) the same as it does on the manual torch? My gut says yes, my PTM60 Torch from @mechanic416 says no.

The electrode moves. The tip does not.

Basic torch set up for the S45 and IPT torch

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Gotcha. For some reason I was thinking it was the opposite.