Ipad pro g code

Does anyone know of an app that would create g code from a dxf or svg? Looking for an alternative to fusion 360 basically for something that will work with an ipad pro?

Not sure you’ll find alot of options on Ipad Pro…unless it supports full mac apps. Its been a while since I’ve worked with apple stuff and not sure if ipad pro limited on what it can run (ie app store), but a product like SheetCam will do what you want, but there’s not a mac/ipad version i know of. If you were wanting a touchscreen tablet for the table, I’d use a Surface Pro - can run pretty much anything commonly used. Langmuir may be coming out with a mac compatible CAM / Motion control software this year that might meet your needs - but you’d have to check with them…I’ve seen some whispers on the forum about Mac compatibility - but don’t know if that extends to the tablets…

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