Introduction of myself

I’ll go ahead and use this forum for what it is. I bought the XP and have had so much fun with it. It showed up in multiple crates, as expected. It took my wife and I about a week to assemble it, I am one of those guys that reads instructions three times, then rereads and confirms after the step is completed. I bought this based off the community that is behind it. I wanted to learn CAD/CAM (Fusion 360, currently) and really enjoy building things.
I have made quite a few pieces so far and have had some pride in the product. The initial monetary output is not nearly what I have put out, but the experience in itself has been amazing. I see alot of room for growth in my space, and I wanted to thank you all for the confidence and knowledge that you share. I look forward to growing together.


Welcome Fred. It is nice to have here, introduce yourself and we look forward to more stories of your journey.

Fusion 360: a bear to learn but it will reward you!


Fusion 360 is it’s own animal, but I love it’s capabilities. I a complete novice, but what I can do with it’s help at this point is good enough. I’ll grow.


Many people say that the plasma table is only capable of 2D so why would you CAD in 3D? Because life is 3D.
It took me 3 attempts before I realized I should stop thinking in 2D and start thinking in 3D when I was designing my Rocket stove.

Assembly took 1/3rd the time. It used a touch more metal but until you look at the project in a 3 dimensional way, one can’t figure out the details until it is partially built. With the 3D sheet metal designing area, you can actually fit the parts together to see if the size/fit is correct.