Internal features smaller than the kerf

Hi. I would like to cut some 1-way lines inside a part but get an error message in sheetcam that the feature is too small. The lines are allong a bend line and should allow me to bend the plate by hand. In 3D CAD (OnShape) I make a small cut-out where I want the cut, but with a width smaller than the kerf. Is there a way to get sheetcam to “just” cut the line 1-way or do I have to make the cut out larger than the kerf resulting in sheetcam cutting the “line” twise?

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Yes, use a No Offset contour path with no lead ins.

Your design should be a single line vector, not a closed vector.


Here’s an example:

I’ve just enabled the No Offset operations for clarity.

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Your line should be a single line, not a closed loop. Sheetcam will not cut a loop where the torch has to go back over an already cut area.

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thanks for the reply. Sort of solved the problem. Now I ust need to get the 3D CAD program to make single lines :slight_smile:

For single lines, you will probably have to use the sketch to create the cut file. Single lines won’t extrude. I don’t use Fusion, so one of the Fusion guys can help you if that’s what you use.

I use FreeCAD and just export the sketch as a DXF and import it into Sheetcam.

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Read through this thread and see if it answers your questions.