Interference or noise causing small changes in jog

anyone having or had a issue with jogging lock up?
every once in a while during a jog between cuts or when going to 0,0 one or both drives will lock up. sometimes not detectable to the ear, but up to 2.00 off on cut location. I have disassembled everything and it even happens with just the stepper alone.
after making sure all parts are free and no binding issues (including the coupler screws), I have found a way to make it happen. Just opening a web browser is enough to lock up both steppers.
See Video:
file is break-in jog end to end

I have reached out to LS and am getting good responses. I just want to see if you’all know an easy fix, like airplane mode (failed)

mach3 2.0
windows 10 (64)
Dell latitude laptop 2.54Ghz
4GB ram
factory stock USB cable

Thanks in avd.

you may have a fast processor…but your RAM is pretty low to multitask I think.
I run 16G in my laptop of ram and I can surf youtube and watch videos…and still cut…my old desktop was around 4 and it did what you showed…

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This is interesting. I had wondered about multitasking while cutting. I don’t do anything else with my laptop while cutting, perhaps thats the solution?

updated computer
Dell Inspiron i5
16GB Ram
testing now.

SSD and the 16gb…should do it…

remember when we all thought 64k was great memory on a PC…and had the old floppy disk…or the tape drives…


Double sided could store a whopping 500K bytes and it really was ‘floppy’!

My first computer had a 20MB hard drive and 2 of the 5.25 floppy drives

It looks like it was the computer that had all the issues. I have not had a glitch with the new laptop.
I want to thank the people a Langmuir Systems that helped with emailed tests, by finding out what it wasn’t, the computer was the only thing left.
Now just to connect a new torch relay and I’ll be cutting away.
Thanks everyone

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