Interesting looking air dryer. Any opinions?

I’ve been researching air dryers and came across this on ebay. Researched the manufacturer and am considering purchasing. Anyone else tried one of these?

That unit looks pretty good, but it does not cool the air, if the air has vaporized water in it it will still pass through, you would need to make sure it is far away from your compressor or find a way to drop the temp of the air before it enters.

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I ordered an aftercooler from amazon for my 80 gal compressor and will also be building a copper pipe diy dryer. Don’t know if I would be better off going with a setup like I mentioned to be installed immediately before my plasma inlet or if I should go with a Motor Guard instead.

After my cooling set up, (I use a receiver tank so the air runs through two tanks) I run 35 feet of air hose to a three filter set up on my plasma cart. There, I have a .1 micron coalescing filter followed by an Arrow Pneumatics 1 qt desiccant dryer, followed by the MG. In this set up, the liquid water is out by the time the air gets to the coalescing filter and the vapor drops out in the desiccant. My MG doesn’t get any moisture. I took my refrigerated dryer out of the loop and selling it before it goes and breaks on me. I think your aftercooler will do all you need with a coalescing filter and MG at the machine.

I’m just reviving this instead of starting a new topic.
I am going to look at a Champion crn35a1 that came out of a walmart auto. It is 2011 but had a pretty easy life. The guy wants $500 which I know is a great deal.
My question is, is there anything that degrades with time that I should be worried about that will cause me to be buying a very expensive brick? I’ve never owned one so not familiar with their workings exactly. Heading over there this afternoon and hoping I’m not missing something.

As in it was only run occasionally?

It is a refrigerator and a 12 year old refrigerator might need some service (as in recharge) and it will use older refrigerant which may be hard to get (or require licensed service personnel to recharge it).

I don’t know anything about this product, but these are the questions that come to my mind.

Thanks for the tips Tom. It is 134a and i think you can still get that… for now. I’d imagine testing and charging would be similar to a vehicle or rv ac which i have done in the past. Guess I’m getting it. Fingers crossed and let’s see if i got a deal or an expensive brick.

Let us know how you make out. Certainly is a good price!

Well i did get it. Just put it in line with my existing setup. I’m thinking based on the day to day visual of that dessicant filter and the good performance of my consumables for the most part that i already had pretty dry air but for $500 i wasn’t going to pass up an opportunity to make it even better.

Unit hooked up quite simply and seems to be operating very quietly. Sounds about like a mini fridge. Will see if it makes the dessicant stay blue even longer.