Installed THC in new table, Z-Axis motor turns with Y-Axis

While waiting for the Plasma cutter I ordered, received and installed the THC system. When I first built the unit I tested X & Y axis function and they worked fine. Following installation of THC I had to re-install FireControl so it would recognize THC was installed (it does). Z-axis motor turns with Y-Axis manual input and does not respond to Z-Axis controls in Crossfire. I have run the cables and they are where their supposed to be. Any Ideas???

unplug all the motor connectors from the control box and just press fit one at a time and verify it works for each axis. Don’t screw them in.

Tried that and things got worse. Independently X-Axis and Z-Axis doesn’t drive at all. Y-Axis works. Hook everything back up an Y drives Y & Z but still no X.

Tried plugging all motors into the Y driver which I knew was good and they all worked well. None of the motors worked plugged into the X or Z axis drivers. Looks like I have two bad drivers.

are they all lit inside the control box?

Yes they are (green light on each). Only the Y Driver drives the stepper motors though.

Disconnected all internal and external cables and reinstalled. Re-installed FireControl. It seems to be working well now. Z Axis seems to stick some but I don’t have the torch hooked up yet so we’ll see if that makes a difference.