Inkscape wont save text that was put on path of circle

Anyone else get this error? I made some text, put on path of a circle, get rid of the circle then select object to path to convert text to vector for DXF file and i get this error;

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 368, in
File “”, line 283, in affect
File “”, line 354, in effect
File “”, line 304, in process_group
File “”, line 304, in process_group
File “”, line 301, in process_group
self.groupmat.append(simpletransform.composeTransform(self.groupmat[-1], simpletransform.parseTransform(trans)))
File “”, line 71, in parseTransform
File “”, line 86, in composeTransform
TypeError: can’t multiply sequence by non-int of type ‘float’


I don’t know about that error, but, since the circle is the reference line for the text, perhaps doing object to path before deleting the circle would work. If you post the inkscape file I’ll take a look at it (you can just add .dxf to the end of the filename to upload it.).

Okay. I will try one more thing before posting the file. I am thinking about leaving the circle in place, then just saving it all as a DXF and delete the circle in Fusion 360 after importing. Thanks for the input and willingness to help.

Yeah dude I suck. Cant get it to work. I will paypal you some funds to help me with this bad boy. I just need to save this file as DXF but Inkscape hates me or I am just stupid. Thanks man.



I am not showing the link to my file uploading. I am failing here! can I email it to you?

Here ya go…
The trick (other than recentering and getting the drawing generally visible, was to select each curved text group, don’t ungroup but do a Path->Object to Path conversion on each. Then, once you’ve do that, ungroup and you’ve got all the letters in that group in their fixed positions. Do that for your two distinct text groups.
I moved the circle to a separate layer rather than deleting it and, using Fill and Stroke changed the color to solid blue.
I tried that with the stars but they were all messed up with some kind of funky transforms so I made new ones and hid the originals. The new ones I put on the ‘newStars’ layer and made them solid red.
So, now when you load it into sheetcam you’ll see three layers, coincidentally Red, White, and Blue… :slightly_smiling_face:
Create operations for each layer and you’ll be good. You can probably safely scale the whole thing in inkscape if you want. Right now the overall size is 40.76x40.76 inches.
To rescale, select the WHOLE thing, put your cursor on the lock between the W & H windows at the top of the bar, This locks the aspect ratio, and then simply type into one of the two to set the size you want. Easy peasy.
army backpiece (32.4 KB)



Awesome man. Thank u so muck for the help. This forum is a life saver. Got two kids and a full time job and this is my side gig so life can overwhelm me at times. you Rock!

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You probably want to rework the letters that have openings (A, R, O, etc) since they’ll end up islands inside holes (the letter outline). Keep them as inkscape paths and it’s relatively easy to make them ‘stencil’ letters by editing the nodes to form bridges between the ‘island’ and main metal.

Let me know if you want help with this.

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You rock man. I usually edit the letters in fusion 360 to make cut friendly. Should I do them in Inkscape? I’m about to make another one of these signs almost exactly the same and I’m gonna look at all your recommendations and what you did and try to redo it myself I’ll let you know if I run into hiccups