Inkscape training

I am looking for a good ink scape course to take online. I am new to all of this and need training. Can anyone offer up any good course they may have used or heard of?

Start here…

I believe @num1husker includes Inkscape training in his video class. The plus is that it’s presented from the point of view of getting designs done on a CrossFire. PM him if you’re interested.

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That’s Awesome, thank you

Thank you, that is very helpful.

Remember to optimize your sketch’s before saving them.
Set your path widths very small. I use .001” .
Your sketch will seem to vanish on the screen but it’s there. If you want to see it without zooming then switch the View mode to outline.
It’s a good way to see issues in your geometry/paths anyway before you export the file. There’s tons more but this will help greatly in maintaining your dimensions when you import it into FUSION.
YOUR GONNA COME ACROSS many different things now and most all are probably already resolved here on the Forum.

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