Inkscape to sheetcam size difference?

Hey all, I’m having an issue all of a sudden with inkscape to sheetcam. The size of my project changes. I have read all the posts i can find. reset inkscape back to default. reset it back to inches.
Checked all the settings in sheetcam and can not find the problem.

this screenshot shows that it is the correct size.

I thought it looked to big in sheetcam and i think this panel shows me that it is now 16x12…???

Is there away to measure the part in sheetcam? i googled that too, did not find an answer.

Right click go down to measure. You can also make operation go to report it shows size

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@Phillipw ok thank i found the measure tool, who knew it was that easy!!

when going to operation, i do not see a report it, show size.

After you make tool path. It is a button top left side looks like a sheet of paper it is also in one drop down menus. I think file I don’t have my computer with me today can’t look til tonight. May also show in bottom left corner I know it shows operation time.

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I will look tomorrow at it again, I should be able to find it from your description. Thank you.

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