Inkscape script writing

Trying to use inkscape to make an infinity sign with two names one on each side using script/cursive writing and when I type the font out my letters seperate and are no longer a script anyone know how to fix that from seperating the letters

Are you doing a Text to Path (curves) command in Inkscape?

I have no idea what that is I click text click font I want and type. ( ice valley ) is what Ive been using just won’t stay scripted

Is it just switching back to the default text…you can hit down on the arrow keys till you find the font you need after you type it as long as your still in the text function.It will change what you typed out as you scroll down through the available texts.

No it’s stay with chosen font just not connecting letters to be actual cursive writing or script writing

Is your sizing staying correct when importing to sheetcam? Or are u using fusion?