Inkscape question?

Hey, I could use some help in inkscape, I’m trying to make something similar to this sign. How the heck do i put that rectangle at the bottom of the oval and then make it the oval shape where it needs to??? Thanks joe

I love inkscape…I guess I need to do what TinWhisperer has done…

so here is a set of videos I first watched…it helped a lot.

how I would attack this create the black oval first to the size you want…then make it path.
next make a white oval the size you want and then use align function to center it or do it by eye…then make it path…
now you have the basic shape started.

once they are both on path I go to view and change to outline…i find this easier.
then I move Guidline from the edge to the height I want my ground at

Now I add a node at each end where the blue guideline crosses the inner oval
see the blue squares now…

then I will delete the lower nodes

now I join the 2 nodes

now switch back to view for the black and white

then put white text in the black area…

I should do videos like this…

does this help?


AHHH! thank you for the video!!! The screenshots are perfect! Thanks!
I had gone about it totally wrong, AGAIN! :rofl: I’ll get this in about 3 years! :grinning:

the hardest thing is knowing when and how things are converted to path…and “ungroup”…Path “break apart”…these are key functions to help with design.
learning how to play with the nodes is fun and essential.

just ask anytime and I will try to help

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awesome thank you so much! I did get the tree adress sign cut, i’ll post some pics later. it turned out great with your help!

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Hello Glen, I took a couple quick snapshots of the address sign you helped me with, it turned out fantastic! I still have to clean it up and get the frame made and the light attached but here is a quick look!


Thanks for the picture and for sharing…nice work

has anyone ever cam across this error in Inkscape using iMac?

I did lots of googling and no pointers about it. If anyone knows how to fix it please let me know, thanks

you are on an apple…no idea