Inkscape line delete

how do you delete line, or portion? Specifically the horizontal lines in a ‘Split Letter’ file.
If I select the line it will delete the entire outer line.
I tried using F360 and it crashes every time I do the delete.

you have to make sure it is all converted to “path” by way of ungrouping the object the breaking apart path…then go to the view and change it to outline…then switch to node view and take out the lines…

wow…I read that and my head spins…sorry…

it does take some time to learn it…but if you post it here I can possibly give you a hand with it.

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You might need to zip it up to post it. Either that or rename the file to add ‘.DXF’ to the end. Then we’ll all know what to do from there…
Note: By ‘we’, I mean @toolboy He’s the dude who will fix this for ya.

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I ungrouped, went to outline, node mode(F2). Selected the left node of the line then shift-click the second on right. I can move the line but no delete or cut.
I’m trying to delete the lines so I can insert text(name). if I don’t get rid of those horizontals they will cut and I just have top portion and bottom left of my material.
this is the split letter from the Langmuir ‘shares’.
is there simpler way to get the name in the file???
SEIFERT.dxf (1.0 MB)

did you convert the split to path…then did you convert the text to path…then select one letter and part of the split text and then under path…Union…

there are some great videos on youtube on this also

If your in INKSCAPE do you have the svg file ?


yes, should I be editing an .svg ?

In order to get the UNION to take I have to have the letter positioned just over the split line. BUT then it removes the top or bottom of the letter.

I do this really easily in affinity using the add and subtract functions. This would be a 4 click process.

I don’t know what Inkscape calls those functions. I do remember Inkscape being easier to break paths at nodes and join then to others though. But that’s a lot of joining to get the font in there.

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Is this what you’re looking for?

Seiffert (12.5 KB)

yes, and I finally got it to look like that but didn’t like the way it chops the top and bottom of the letters. I ended up deleting the horizontal lines then adding a join line on the first and last letter.
Then doing a union with top half+text+botton half. that looks better.
Thanks for the help, you led me in the right direction.

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@teebird90 can you post a picture of what you have designed…would like to see what you did

To delete a line segment in Inkscape - make sure the object has been converted to a path first and then select the edit nodes tool on the left side toolbar. Click on the object to turn on the node view. Hold Shift and click to highlight two nodes with a line segment between them. Go to the top toolbar and click on the tool that is directly below the word “path”. That will delete the line segment between the two selected nodes. From there, you can just click on the end nodes and hit delete to delete the next segment. You can add a node at your desired end point by double clicking on the line at the spot where you want the node.

You can also use those tools to join nodes together or add a segment between two nodes. I use it all the time to edit text.

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