Inkscape issue NEED HELP [SOLVED]

I just got inkscape on my new laptop and for some reason I’m not able to import any image to inkscape. The only thing that pops up is a big red X as the image that was imported. Can someone please help ! Didn’t have this issue on my other device.

Can you capture the Inkscape screen with the error? You can use the ‘Snipping Tool’ to take a ‘snapshot’ and post it here.

What happens if you drag one of the corner arrows. This will scale it upwards. The image is 4.5 inches, your workspace is 96 inches tall, on a screen that is only 768 pixel resolution (8 pixels per inch) meaning only 36 pixels of the image can be rendered. There’s not enough resolution to show it.

Either scale the object bigger, or zoom in so the object fills the screen (PS: Hit ‘3’ on the keyboard to zoom the object to full screen.

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I zoomed in and changed size and nothing has changed. I’ve also tried other images

Post the image you’re trying to load. I’ll take a look at it.

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It’s actually all images not just one … I’ve been trying to figure it out but no luck …

I have windows 11 what version of Inkscape would be best ? I’m assuming maybe that’s could be an issue

Like I said, post ANY ONE that you’re having a problem with. I can not help you until I see what you’re trying to load.

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Thank you for responding, but I was able to figure it out. I just ended up uninstalling the new version of Inkscape and installed an older version and it did the trick.