Inkscape clipping letters

Is anyone on here savy with inkscape?

When I type out letter with a cursive font they clip together and create this negative space, Converting to a path and unionizing dose not fix it like it normally does when fonts are clipped, any help is much appreciated

I’ve found a work around by fracturing it and deleting the insides of the letters and then unionizing it, but if anyone knows a way to stop it from happening completely that would be awesome!

Unioning only works with 2 objects, not groups of objects. Lettering like that is a group of objects and will not union as a group.

Convert object to path on the lettering and then ungroup the letters. Select two letters and union them. Select that unioned pair and add another, until you have them all unioned.

Script fonts almost never have a smooth transition where they overlap, so you have to go back and edit the paths by removing or moving nodes to smooth out the transition for a nice look.

There is no “easy button” for this.