Inkscap software

Will Inkscape work with the crossfire! If yes, which version? I’m looking to get a table soon!

Which version Inkscape? The latest download should be fine, but realize that Inkscape creates the artwork, you need a CAM tool to generate the G-Code for the CrossFire. I (and many others) use SheetCam TNG.

Thanks for the update info! I’m looking to get a table early next year and want to get a head start on learning the software.

Well, if you want to do ‘CAD’, ie design 2D objects with dimensional precision, you’ll probably want to get and learn a CAD program, at least 2D. 3D is not totally necessary for Plasma cutting since the tool is inherently 2D, but if you’re working on 3D assemblies, then a 3D CAD program is useful.

Lots of choices here and LOTS of learning curve! So you’re starting about the right time! :wink:

Any recommendations for a good laptop? I’ve been looking at this:

IMHO, that is an entry level laptop that SHOULD be able to start up Windows 10.
Do you want it to ‘get by’ or give you some satisfaction for a few years? For Windows 10, plan on 8GB. If it says ‘Celeron’ then it’s intel’s lowest cost, lowest performance, lower power mainstream processor. It will run Mach3. Probably won’t run FireControl well. SheetCam is shakey. Inkscape, dunno but it won’t be fast.

Do you need a laptop? If it’s always coupled to a plasma cutter or in your office doing stuff, it will be able to be powered off of main power lines. Laptops cost a lot because of tiny packaging, need to run off batteries and should be lightweight. If NONE of these factors apply to you, why pay for them?