Incomplete G-Code Generated from Sheetcam?

I’m new but have had success cutting simple parts with QCAD, Sheetcam (with license) and Mach3. Now I’m trying to do a little more complicated parts and only half or so of the part seems to show up in Mach3 when I load the G-code. Any thoughts on what I’m doing wrong?



It appears that SheetCam is recognizing all the tool paths. The only thing I can think of is to confirm that your Mach 3 license is applied correctly.

Personally, I would look at the G-Code file and count all the M3 commands and make sure you have 26 of them (I only see up to S26 in the starts of your contours). If the G-Code file has these, then it seems likely that it’s something in Mach 3.

EDIT: another possibility is that the coordinates are outside the range of the tool (like the machine coordinates were not zeroed properly).

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TomWS—you were right, I had all the G-code torch starts in my .tap file but not in the Mach3 viewer, it was a license install issue that has been resolved now. Thanks so much for the help