Improving cut quality


As the title states, I would like to improve my cut quality even though it’s not bad. Not much dross at all.

Here are the specifics:
Hypertherm 65 set at 45 amps
Cutting steel: .188 to .25

Feeds 45 in/min
.5 sec pierce time
.05 cut height
.157 pierce height

.08 lead in radius
90 degree sweep angle
.19685 lead in distance
.08 pierce clearance

There is a bevel on one side of parts - its on the x closest to the front of the table.
Bolt holes are not good - kind of oval
Small knick in larger holes

Here are the pics

Thanks for your help.

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Set a rule to slow down for your hole and start in the center.
Do a lead out as well.

I cut with my 65 1/4 at 50 Ipm 45 amp. Then at 65 I do 90

Make sure you square your plate will help with bevel. Well it’s a start to eliminate issues.

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Maybe add a “finishing overlap” to the holes in F360 ( not sure what the sheetcam name for it is )

on my powermax85 I switched to 65 consumables for most 1/4" projects or thicker. I find operating in the middle range of a 65 a consumables is better then running a 45 consumables at the top end of its range.

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