Impressed with everlast 52i

Finally got the 52i hooked up to the table. I gotta say im impressed with the cut quality even wirhout getting everything dialed in.


Nice cuts alright…very nice…I have a 62i…had a 50 before…but needed a little bigger…

what gauge is that and what were your settings…

travel speed

thanks for posting

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@toolboy thanks.

Air set to 72 static / 65 operating through a dessicant drier and filter.

45 amps

1.1mm nozzel

110 ipm

10 gauge hot rolled steel

thanks…you obviously have dry air also…

Actually my air is awfully wet. Its closer to a garden hose then air hose. My compressor is dying and running alot more then it should causing the tank to run hot and holding a lot of water. Its getting to the point it hardly keeps up with a die grinder anymore but i expect that with its age. Its close to 30 years old, been modified countless times.

Looking at 60 gallon husky compressors for a replacement.

wow…that is amazing cuts then…build yourself an air cooler while you are at it…just another project to do…hahaha

Oh no not amother project. That list is too long already lol.

Actually have the parts for an aftercooler but working nights make it hard to find time to put it together.

well…this explains your name…lol…

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