Impressed with everlast 52i

Finally got the 52i hooked up to the table. I gotta say im impressed with the cut quality even wirhout getting everything dialed in.


Nice cuts alright…very nice…I have a 62i…had a 50 before…but needed a little bigger…

what gauge is that and what were your settings…

travel speed

thanks for posting

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@toolboy thanks.

Air set to 72 static / 65 operating through a dessicant drier and filter.

45 amps

1.1mm nozzel

110 ipm

10 gauge hot rolled steel

thanks…you obviously have dry air also…

Actually my air is awfully wet. Its closer to a garden hose then air hose. My compressor is dying and running alot more then it should causing the tank to run hot and holding a lot of water. Its getting to the point it hardly keeps up with a die grinder anymore but i expect that with its age. Its close to 30 years old, been modified countless times.

Looking at 60 gallon husky compressors for a replacement.

wow…that is amazing cuts then…build yourself an air cooler while you are at it…just another project to do…hahaha

Oh no not amother project. That list is too long already lol.

Actually have the parts for an aftercooler but working nights make it hard to find time to put it together.

well…this explains your name…lol…

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I am getting ready to pull the trigger on getting a cross fire pro table and was looking at getting the Everlast 62i. (I have had very good luck with my Everlast 255 tig welder)

Is the Everlast unit plug and play, are there any issues or extra things that need to be done to run a Everlast with Cross fire table.

It’s not plug and play. You will have to solder the Torch firing wires to the CNC plug that comes with the plasma cutter. If you are getting the torch height controller, it’s recommended to tap into raw voltage inside the machine.

Neither thing is difficult to do and the are some pics on this forum of how to connect the wires.


I run a Pro table with the 62i and started with hand torch but bought the machine torch…

I tell everyone that it is best to get RAW voltage right from the lugs inside the case at the front…there are pictres here under my name if you search…

I do not trust RAW or Divided viltage from the CNC port…to many electronic components that could affect the voltage readoings in my book…

I just use pins 1 and 2 for torch on and off…

next…and I can not stress this enough…everlasts need dry…dry…dry air…
I started with 250 to 400 pierces now I just finished a set of consumables…1240 pierces with over 2 hrs of actual torch time…now that is decent.

Also do not waste material and money on knock-off …offshore…consumables…buy them from the dealer…

if you have problems…give me a shout…


Thanks Toolboy.
I may take you up on that offer. I would really prefer to step up to the 62i. But at this point I am a little overwhelmed with the learning curve I am to have to overcome I like the fact that the razor weld is completely plug and play. But i can’t help but want the larger 62i plasma cutter.

This is why I am taking my time to learn what I can before pulling the trigger on ordering the plasma table.

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The Razorweld may be plug and play but it will drive you crazy and waste $900. That’s exactly what I thought going in and it was a total cluster foxtrot. I had an Everlast 60s and thought the Razorweld would be the simplest way to go but it was not and my 60s is what I use connected RAW and the Razorweld is a $900 paperweight.



I run my 60s at 50 amps and 75 psi and just vary the cut speed. The duty cycle on the 60s at 50 amps is 100%