Importing pictures and adding text

Newbie here, is there an easier to use cad/cam software (than Fusion 360?) for importing outlines then adding text to it? I am familiar with Flashcut but they do not sell their software without purchasing their controller…

Inkscape might work good for you.

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I do feel though if you do have the will and time to invest Fusion 360 is the ideal software for designing and manufacturing products.

There’s probably no other manufacturing design software that is growing and changing and evolving as much as Fusion 360. It won’t be long until it cannibalizes every good feature of every other design and manufacturer software out there.

I did put together a small series of videos that go over the basics of using Fusion 360 with the langmuir system.

If you get a chance maybe look over them quick .I tried to keep it each video under 5 minutes long and only include relevant information.