Importing from CAD program

I’ve done several drawing in AutoCad, saved them as a dxf and imported the file into sheetcam and no issues.
For some reason this drawing that has circles in it imports additional reference lines (blue) from the center point of the circle. I tried the file in Solid Edge and the same results, I am sure it’s something that I’m doing while in the drawing but can’t figure it out.

lifting plate Drawing3.dxf (160.0 KB)

But… if you’re importing into Sheetcam, you can ignore the blue layer. Just cut the red and yellow layers.
However, I did download and import the DXF into my Linux version of SheetCam (I just installed this a couple of days ago so not sure about… well how good it its) and did not get any blue lines. Sheetcam was very happy to process it.
SheetCam version is: 6.1.57

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Looks ok I went back after reading your post and paid more attention to the importing part of sheetcam and it appears I had my scaling off, once I selected custom and the correct ratio it worked.
Thanks for the help and encouragement once you said that it worked for you I knew I had to keep pushing to look closer at the steps of bringing the drawing into SheetCam.

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