Importance of air system management

Though I would post this on the forum as it should be a no brainier but is over looked a lot of times.

I got a plasma cutter dropped of at the shop on Thursday for repair. Customer stated the air would flow out the torch even with the unit turned off. This tells me the air solenoid was jammed open.

Opened the plasma cutter up and could tell the plasma cutter was not taken care of very well from all the metal dust an dirt inside. Took it out side and took the air hose to it and cleaned it out. Removed the air solenoid and took it apart , yep it was jammed up with rust flakes and dirt. After cleaning the air solenoid, safety valve, air regulator, torch hose, replacing the consumables and the retaining cup as 5 of the 6 air holes were plugged. I removed the air fitting to install a filter on the rear of the plasma cutter and the air fitting was so rusty inside I replaced it also.

This took about 3 hours to clean everything out , add the filter and test the plasma cutter. All this could have been avoided by keeping the air system free of dirt and water.

Dirt and water in the air system is the #1 reason I get a lot of plasma cutters in for repairs. #2 is because people do not clean the plasma cutter out inside and gets metal dust and dirt buildup on the circuit boards and shorts them out. #3 is people don’t change out the consumables till the plasma cutter stops working.

Hope everyone stays safe and has a great Holiday.



this should be mandatory reading for all plasma newbies…but then again it could put George out of business if they do…

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:rofl: I really don’t think that will happen. :rofl:

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