I'm Dying, here... CPS file type is useful... where?

I am new, but am not good at finding things here.

I have Fusion. I have FireControl. I just downloaded FireControl-v1.6.cps. What now? Where does it go? It is not an executable, and windows has NO idea what to do with it.

There are a number of threads here on how to install the post processor in Fusion. Click on the magnifying glass and type in “fusion post processor”

That was about the opposite of helpful. Yes there are many threads. SO many threads that finding the one that has anything connected to what I am doing is virtually impossible. All I need is a simple “You add a cps this way” reply. Hopefully someone has done this and can spend 45 seconds to say “click on ____ and then ____. Select your file.”


And that was about the opposite of grateful. @ds690 is extremely helpful on this forum. That he actually continued to help you after your comment is proof of that.


Absolutely correct, it was ungrateful. And I do thank DS for following through.