IHS can the value be changed

The initial torch height seems just a smig off from the recommend 0.120" according to my plasma manual. Not a big issue since the cuts look fine but Iooking through the documentation and the settings in FC I cant seem to find anyway to change it.

See this thread:

thank you I was searching but couldnt find anything. This is great.

has this issue been addressed yet?

i ran some test cuts without the plasma connected and the height is over .25" tall when my cut height in Sheetcam is .059. i am NOT running the THC system yet, purely just IHC.

i cannot seem to figure out how to fix this. anyone know anything?

Can you post a snippet of your code?

Ya so that it telling it to pierce .243” above the plate with .02 compensation factor.

ive tried setting the cut height in SC to .01 and its still nearing .25" high

so how do you fix that?

Can you attach your G code file that was created with the parameters you show in the latest screenshot?

TUBEENDS2.tap (1.3 KB)

Yeah all of your cut heights are high in the code. I am not super experienced with SheetCam, but what do you have in the operations screen?

im not trying to cut at 1/100th of an inch i was just testing to see if it made any difference and it didnt

this screen?

Can you attach the dxf, then I can run the post in the debugger and see why your pierce height is being set wrong…


so heres something i found in Sheetcam
If i set the height to 0, the system automatically applies an addition .188.
i found this by running the simulation system in SC.
i set the torch height to -.0625 and it tested at .125"
i set it at .3" and it tested at .488"

so now, how do i get rid of the default addition torch height?

EDIT: so i found that its adding the addition .125" because of the material thickness in the Operation/ Plasma tab. I set the material to zero and it simulated at .0625" like I wanted it to. Now to see if it applies correctly in FireControl

EDIT to an EDIT:
this fixed the issue i was having. Material set to Zero thickness. now the machine sets its height off the IHC correctly.


Im going to have to check now, maybe this is why Ive been getting beveled edges

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