IHS always green after installing machine torch - Wire unplugged from switch by torch [SOLVED]

the torch handle that came with my cut45 melted. Jasic told me to get the Hyp45 Style Machine Plasma Cutting Torch 25Ft UBHY45-25M… so i did, installed it. and now im getting solid green ihs light and it wont cut. any help would be appreciated…

The IHS light is not connected in any way to the plasma cutter or the torch.

It is simply a switch that closes a circuit. If the light is green, the circuit is open. That means the switch is open(it’s normally closed) or the wires are disconnected or broken.

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thank you ill look… im too dumb for this stuff haha my goodness

found it… thank you!

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You should share what the problem was, it may help someone else

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Ahh yes, there’s an electrical spade connector for the thc by the Z axis stepper motor. Somehow it became unplugged. Pushed it back together and good to go!