Ih-thc no voltage detected xr model

having trouble with my machine havnt used it in about 2 weeks an now i tryed to cut somthing an im not getting any voltage detected at the start it starts fine an cuts through but wen it goes to move nothing is detected an thought mabe it was the metal being so thin tryed on 1/4 same result an my air is dry an dont have a ground issue at least i dont think so as i clamped the groun d to the actual peace to make sure any help will be great thank u

sorry 9th grade education an typing an tech is not my strong suite but thanks for tryin g

i can take a hint ill just keep getting help elts where again thanks for all the help

Hey Jesus…

Hold on just a second… Let’s start getting to the bottom of what you’ve got going on there…

Let’s start with the simple things first… It sounds like your machine goes to start the first cut fine… Drops down for initial height sensing… Goes back up to pierce height… And pierces fine… Cuts a short ways like (1/4") maybe?? Then faults out ??

So, it sounds like the voltage reading is not making it back to the controller, I’d start by going over the machine completely looking for a break in this path for starters…

Maybe you can give us a few more details or pictures of your setup…??

I don’t own an XR but, most things are relatable between different machines…

Quite a few other guys on here with XR’s as well that may jump in here also for some of the details… I’ll look into the XR a little more as well…

Also take a look at these two items I found ---->



thank u yes pretty much right just dosnt cut anything but the piercing hole an stays there till the screen says LS-THC no voltage detected i changed from 16ga material to 1/4 inch thinking mabe it was blowing through to hot but the hole is the same size on both thicknesses but now the computer (little black box under monitor is faulty it won’t stay on idk what it could be as i disconnected everything an connected again to see if that would do anything an now it wont turn back on im just gana call tech support monday to figure out power problem an hopfully thats tied to the voltage issue
i also took apart all consumables an they look to be in good conditions but buying new as well an my phone took a dive so i cant load photos right now sorry for my bad typing as i am not the best with computers im just a fabricator thats done everything by hand my whole life an thought this machine was a lot simpler than this

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Sounds good… Maybe a call to tech support is the proper path to take with this time…

I’m curious. Did you take the Razorweld plasma with this purchase or did you have one that you already owned? And, how much cutting did you do previous to the two weeks off time that you mentioned in a post above? Were there any issues then? Just wondering.

Good luck with this… And, don’t shy away in the future either…!! Chances are you’ve got something good locked away that will help someone else down the road!!


i can get tit to turn on but only if i holf the power cord with pressure so im gana ask for a new one monday an yes it is the razor weld 45 i had ordered the pro an had the money so bumped to the xr once i saw there where issues with the limiting switch on the pro or lack off i dont remember but figured it was my best bet as to not out grow any way they said i needed some extras to make it work with the xr tabe so they sent the machine torch an some other cables an things to make it work
an i had only made about 12 cuts previously with it all small stuff but the last cut i made it did end u putting the torch in the water before i could shut it off so mabe that did it i dryed the consumables an swear i made two more cuts after but dont remeber for sure so hopfully new consumables an power cable will fix this and another helpful guy told me my dryer system could be to blame and will get an actual air dryer unit once i recover some of my money an once again i realy appreciate ur help an friendly input

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I’m in the same boat ,I feel your pain Bro.